Wedding Party

Bride's Side

Kathy D'Angelo

Matron of Honor

Caroline and Kathy have been friends since their days at Cedarville University. They met Freshmen year when Kathy ran on the Women's Cross Country team and Caroline helped manage the team. 3 years of dorm living led to moving off campus to Xenia while Kathy worked on her Master's Degree at University of Dayton and Caroline finished her Senior year at CU. After both working at Olive Garden, they decided to leave the snowy winters and cornfields behind to relocate to North Carolina where Caroline’s parents lived. Both found full time “big girl” jobs and launched their careers in Raleigh, NC.

Fast forward 10+ years, countless memories and a wedding (Kathy's) later, and they are still eating Mexican food covered in cheese (and guac please!), pizza and cheap red wine and, of course, Black Tie Mouse cake!

Chelsea Daniels


Caroline and Chelsea met for the first time at a Longhorn in St. Augustine, FL when  Charlie took Caroline to make the rounds and meet the family for the first time. Not long after that, Chelsea started school at Sweet Brier College and would break up her road trip from Florida to Virginia by stopping in to hang out with her cool cousin (Charlie) and try all the new, weird food he could find! Not to mention, crashing on his couch to catch a few zzz’s before the rest of the trip to school.

It wasn’t long before Caroline and Chelsea became Instagram friends and were texting back and forth, making plans for more food adventures.  Chelsea’s transfer to Randolph-Macon College brought her closer to Richmond, Raleigh and delicious restaurants allowing Caroline and Charlie the chance to visit her more often.

Groom's Side

Keith Childers

Best Man

Charlie and Keith grew up together in St. Augustine, Florida. Their friendship started with neighborhood baseball games organized by early morning phone calls their parents, no doubt, remember still! While the early morning activities endured, bats and balls were replaced with surfboards and board shorts. Charlie and Keith continued their friendship into high school where skateboards and first jobs at restaurants kept them on the same team.

After Keith graduated from CIA (Culinary Institute of America) he made plans to relocate to North Carolina and asked if Charlie wanted to join him. In true Charlie fashion, he said “Why not?!”. They moved to Cary, NC in 2004 where they again found themselves in the restaurant business.

The lifelong friendship continues with days on the golf course, both regular and disk golf, and constant discussion about the best food in the area.

Philip Murray


Charlie and Philip met in 2007 working together at Bistro 64 in Cary, NC. Food, wine and disc golf led to a 10 year friendship of pool parties, hours spent playing corn hole or darts at Abbey Road and cooking pigs for friends.

Philip’s exit from restaurants into the corporate world led to the two of them joining a rec league softball team, luckily no one was injured during the season! They still enjoy great wine and whiskey whenever there is a pig on the smoker or hours of “man sports” at favorite local places!